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Little Wiki (The Case Study of Vanitas)

The Case Study of Vanitas

Vanitas no Karte is a dark fantasy anime that aired in 2021. Based on the manga by Jun Mochizuki, it takes place in an alternate 19th century Paris where vampires live among humans. The story follows Noé, a vampire who encounters Vanitas, a human who refers to himself as the “Doctor of Charms.”

Vanitas carries with him a mysterious book known as the Book of Vanitas, which contains information on the true names of vampires. With this book, Vanitas claims he can heal the “curse” that causes vampires to desire human blood and go mad. However, his true motivations appear dubious.

Together, Vanitas and Noé end up on an adventure full of vampire battles, steampunk technology, and uncovered secrets. The unlikely duo must learn to work together as they encounter a variety of eclectic characters, both human and vampire.

Visually, Vanitas no Karte stands out for its beautiful gothic aesthetic mixed with steampunk elements. The character designs are stylish and complement the dark tone. The animation brings the action scenes to life and highlights the unique powers of the vampires.

At its core, Vanitas no Karte is a supernatural action drama with intriguing lore about the origins of vampires. It explores thought-provoking themes about prejudice, the meanings of health and sickness, and the fine line between good and evil. The dynamic between Vanitas and Noé is an interesting push and pull as they slowly build trust despite their clashing personalities.

Fans of gothic fantasy and vampire stories will find a lot to enjoy in Vanitas no Karte’s stylish setting and exploration of vampire mythology. It balances mystery, action, and humor for an engaging paranormal adventure.

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