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Summer 2010

Sekirei s2

Sekirei S2 / Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Seven Arcs
13 episodes · TV Completed Sekirei: Pure Engagement, Sekirei 2, セキレイ~Pure Engagement~

In New Tokyo, the imperial capital cut off from the outside world, a deadly game of elimination is underway, orchestrated by the head of a sinister MBI corporation that has seized control of the Japanese economy. The MBI’s power base is alien technology, the pinnacle of which is the “Sekirei“, super fighters whose power is astounding. However, any of them must still find a chosen ashikabi – an ordinary mortal who can “wrap” his partner and give him access to the full power. Minato Sahashi, a 19-year-old failed high school student and the protagonist of the series is determined to become the ashikabi and informal leader of a group of unique sekirei who gather in the commercial building Izumo in northern New Tokyo. Although his fighters and allies could easily tear apart half of the city, Minato holds them in check, worrying about each of the girls he has tied his fate to. Only there is no hiding from the battle – it comes to Izumo along with old accounts, family secrets, and skeletons in the wardrobe. However, Minato’s team would do well not to stand in Minato’s way – as any rivals or challengers to the capital city would soon realize. And the evil MBI is yet to be found!