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Summer 2021

Vanitas no karte

The Case Study of Vanitas

12 episodes · TV Completed The Case Study of Vanitas, Vanitas no Shuki, Memoir of Vanitas, Vanitas no Carte, ヴァニタスの手記

Scorned by others of his kind for being born under a blue moon, the vampire Vanitas grew afraid and desolate. According to legend, he created a cursed grimoire known as the “Book of Vanitas,” and it is said he would one day use it to bring retribution upon all vampires of the crimson moon.

In 19th century Paris, Noé Archiviste is searching for the fabled Book of Vanitas. Whilst traveling aboard an airship, he is saved from a vampire attack by an eccentric doctor who calls himself Vanitas and carries the very tome he seeks. Ironically, the self-proclaimed vampire specialist is a mere human who inherited both his name and the book from his master, the same Vanitas of legend. As the odd case of the Charlatan’s Parade crops up, the doctor’s ability to restore sanity to vampires by recovering their true name will prove most beneficial.

The Detective Is Already Dead

The Detective Is Already Dead

12 episodes · TV Completed The Detective Is Already Dead, Tanmoshi, 探偵はもう、死んでいる。

Who would have thought that on board a flying plane you would suddenly need… a detective.
It’s not the strangest thing, though, given that Kimihiko Kimizuka was on the flight. You might ask, what’s so special about this schoolboy? Basically, nothing. Except for an uncanny lack of luck, a kind of annoying “superpower” – every time he gets into some kind of trouble even if he doesn’t do anything.
Well, the detective – surprise, surprise! – did indeed come on board. A beautiful young girl appeared before Kimizuka and, of course, immediately appointed him as her assistant. Since then, he has followed Siesta, as she introduced herself, around the world, helping out to the best of his ability. He did so for three years, and would probably still be doing so today if Siesta hadn’t died one day.
Kimizuka is a good-looking boy who has been in prostration for a year until he turns 18, living a normal schoolboy’s life. But life is a funny thing, as he likes to quote himself: unexpectedly, the former assistant to the deceased detective meets another girl, thanks to whom he returns to his former occupation.

Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

12 episodes · TV Completed Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-, Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy, Moon-led Journey Across Another World, 月が導く異世界道中

As a component of a secretive agreement settled upon by a goddess and his folks quite a while back, Makoto Misumi winds up shipped off to a different universe to meet the goddess and become a legend. Nonetheless, the god considers Makoto to be “repulsive,” declining to even lay eyes upon him and repudiating his brave title. Scornfully enabling him to see all dialects with the exception of the human language as remuneration, the goddess drives Makoto off to the farthest edges of the no man’s land, a long way from human civilization.

Because of the divergence between Earth and this new world, Makoto’s inborn physical and supernatural capacities stir, making him incredibly strong. He meets different demihumans and legendary creatures who all turn out to be dazzled by his qualities and join Makoto in building another local area where every one of them can calmly coincide.

By the by, in spite of this achievement, Makoto actually longs to meet individual people. In our current reality where the goddess herself has banished him from connecting with his sort, it ultimately depends on Makoto and his allies to satisfy his longing — and maybe change society en route.