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Summer 2023

Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest?

Staple Entertainment
12 episodes · TV Completed Am I Actually the Strongest?, 実は俺、最強でした?

Experience the thrilling world of ‘Am I Actually the Strongest? as our protagonist, Yuuto, navigates a captivating storyline filled with intense battles and self-discovery. In a realm brimming with powerful adversaries and hidden potentials, Yuuto embarks on a journey to unveil the truth behind his strength. This action-packed anime combines elements of fantasy and adventure, offering viewers a unique blend of excitement and suspense. Follow Yuuto’s quest for self-realization and witness epic battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on the adrenaline-pumping moments and unravel the mysteries of strength in ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ anime.

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1

Maho Film
12 episodes · TV Completed My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1, レベル1だけどユニークスキルで最強です

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 is a lighthearted isekai anime that follows Ryota Sato, an ordinary guy who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a level 1 adventurer. Despite his low level, Ryota possesses a unique skill that allows him to drop rare items from monsters, making him incredibly powerful despite his low level.

Ryota initially tries to hide his strength and live a peaceful life, but his abilities soon attract attention. He joins forces with Emily Brown, a skilled adventurer, and together they embark on a series of adventures, facing off against powerful monsters and exploring the vast and dangerous world.

Along the way, Ryota must learn to control his powers and deal with the challenges of being an overpowered individual in a world where strength is everything. He also forms strong bonds with his companions, who come to appreciate his strength, kindness, and unique perspective on the world.

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 is a fun anime that puts a fresh spin on the isekai genre. It’s a story about overcoming adversity, finding friendship, and discovering the true meaning of strength.

Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyuu wo Samayou

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

AXsiZ, Studio Gokumi
12 episodes · TV Completed Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, I Was Reborn as a Vending Machine, Wandering in the Dungeon, I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine, Orejihanki, 自動販売機に生まれ変わった俺は迷宮を彷徨う

“Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon” is a whimsical and unique isekai anime that follows the unconventional journey of a middle-aged man who, after meeting an untimely demise, finds himself reincarnated as a vending machine in a fantasy world. Rather than wallowing in despair, the protagonist embraces his new mechanical existence and sets out on an unexpected adventure.

As a vending machine, he discovers that he possesses a variety of magical abilities, such as the power to dispense items and a keen sense of awareness of the dungeon around him. The anime combines elements of comedy, fantasy, and adventure as our vending machine protagonist navigates dungeons, befriends curious creatures, and encounters a diverse cast of characters, all while trying to make the best of his unusual situation.

With a lighthearted tone and a fresh take on the isekai genre, “Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon” offers a blend of humor and charm, making it an entertaining and offbeat addition to the world of anime.

Osvald the cleric stands with his party including bodyguard Riel and mage Isidore ready to take on the Miasma in The Great Cleric fantasy anime series.

The Great Cleric

Cloud Hearts, Yokohama Animation Lab
12 episodes · TV Completed The Great Cleric, The Great Cleric: A Salaryman's Path to Surviving Another World, 聖者無双

The Great Cleric follows Osvald, a powerful young cleric gifted with extraordinary healing and purification abilities. As a child, he cured an entire town of a deadly plague, gaining him renown as a genius healer. However, Osvald shies away from the attention, wanting only to live a modest life.

When reports surface of the “Miasma” – an eerie mist that resurrects the dead as ravenous undead – the Church recruits Osvald to travel to afflicted towns and cleanse them before more innocent lives are lost. Joining Osvald is Riel, his stoic bodyguard sworn to protect him, the eccentric mage Isidore, and a kind nun named Rosa.

Though draining, Osvald finds success purging the Miasma and laying the undead to rest with the help of his companions. But the Church secretly exaggerated Osvald’s feats to promote their faith, much to his dismay. As Osvald ventures closer to the source of the Miasma crisis, he uncovers disturbing truths about the Church’s connection to the phenomenon.

With his gifts and principles tested, Osvald must confront the institution that shaped his powers and defeat the root of the Miasma in order to free the land from its terrifying grip.

The Great Cleric provides a riveting adventure exploring faith, duty, and corruption through Osvald’s struggles against the Church and the supernatural Miasma. With nuanced characters and thoughtful themes, this fantasy anime puts a compelling twist on religious intrigue and heroism.